Выращенный Александрит

All prices are per carat, FOB Bangkok, Thailand. Minimum order quantity applies. Stones smaller than 0.25 ct will carry an additional cutting labor surcharge. Prices below apply to any standard shape and size (“standard” shapes: oval, pear shape, round, rectangular, emerald cut, octagon, square, princess cut, cushion cut, Asscher cut, radiant cut; example of special cut: checkerboard cut).

Prices are suggested retail. Shipping charges applicable.

Gem Grade 
(sizes smaller than 0.25 ct carry surcharge for cutting small sizes)
SKU/Item Number: 0000060

Price: $ 130.00

Fine Grade
(stones may have inclusions and/or not have strong color change)
(sizes smaller than 0.25 ct carry cutting surcharge)

SKU/Item Number: 0000062

Price: $ 120.00