Геммологические наборы

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Corundum gem set consists of 13 x 4 mm square cut stones, grown by hydrothermal technique: 1 Ruby and 12 Sapphires (white, shades of yellow, shades of pink, shades of  blue, orange, Emerald Green, Lime Green). The sets come with chemical  formula descriptions used to produce these colors.

Please note: due to most of these stones being unique, the content of  this set may vary, but essentially will be similar to above description.

SKU/Item Number: 0000202                        $ 300.00


Colored Beryl set includes 6 stones, 4mm each, square shaped Emerald, Aquamarine, "Paraiba" color, violet, red-brown and red colors, all grown Hydrothermally by Tairus.

SKU/Item Number: 0000204                        $ 45.00


Emerald set we offer 5 mm square stones, to better emphasize the color variation in different technique of production. We grow hydrothermal emeralds using four different techniques and they produce 4 different results:

(a) "Regular" (our original, old-type product) is produced in a stainless still autoclave, the resulting stones have bluish tint; this product is the most widely used in the market and production is still the largest;

(b) Newer method uses platinum crucibles and the result is different type of emerald with different color (much less blue) and some different properties;

(c) Three years ago we acquired "Biron" production plant in Australia and re-started production; these emeralds are grown in gold crucibles and the result yields yet a different product;

 (d) Our latest technique that took better part of the last decade to develop is Columbian color emeralds.

(e) A unique bi-color beryl—half green, half red.


SKU/Item Number: 0000206                        $ 45.00



Floating method production (horizontal crystallization) and Pooled Alexandrite: in this set we show the results of our production of Alexandrite, Ruby and Chrysoberyl. In addition, this set includes one pooled Alexandrite. These four stones are 4 mm square.


SKU/Item Number: 0000108                        $ 30.00